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Friday, April 14, 2017

Based on Logistics, make I marry Marvis?

After the recently concluded Big Brother Naija 2017 Game (#bbnaija2017), and after Efe was declared Winner of the competition, most people have been wondering what next. Now based on Logistics, Efe has been declared the Winner and most of us want to see his life after #bbnaija. Does this mean Marvis will be out of the picture? For those who don't know, Marvis was his favorite girl in the house whom had some kind of intimacy with, and he says he is SINGLE. To crown it all, they both got married in the house as per acting, but... We believe a lot must be going on in Efe's mind and the picture we have here says it all.  The picture says it all. To answer your bit, please  click HERE! Or you can take our poll at the right pane of this blog (see red arrow on pic below):

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