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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Information Fluency: Solving Information Problems

Helen Nneka Eke
Certainly, we all as information scientists have one way or the other, come across different terms regarding information and its creation; its repackaging and dissemination to the recipients.  Presently, the society we are in has moved from the industrial society to information society (and gearing towards the knowledge society), and information society is characterized by media and technology.

Technology has really affected ways of information transmission positively. There is now fluency of information and this is made possible via the application of skills such as information literacy, computer literacy, and critical thinking. 

According to The Associated Colleges of the South (, using critical thinking skills and appropriate technologies, information fluency integrates the abilities to:
  • collect the information necessary to consider a problem or issue
  • employ critical thinking skills in the evaluation and analysis of the information and its sources
  • formulate logical conclusions and present those conclusions in an appropriate and effective way
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